This map shows the data from Amtrak's Track-A-Train service, as well as VIA's status service. For VIA trains without GPS location, the marker is placed at the prior station with a scheduled departure time, based on the last known lateness and current time.

Help, my train is not on the map! (or is in the wrong place)

First, make sure that your train shows up on the above services with a status. If it's not on that map, or in the wrong place, it'll be the same on this map. If the train has no status information, it is hidden to save space.

What do the colors mean?

The colors indicate the OTP of the train at the last recorded station. The grace period is determined by train run length for Amtrak trains: For VIA trains, the grace period is 60 minutes off the corridor. On the Corridor, officially some trains get 10 minutes and others 15, but for simplicity all Corridor trains on this map will use a grace period of 10 minutes.

How current is the information?

This site is only as current as the railroad's data. This page will check for new data approximately every 4 minutes.

What are the estimated OTP figures?

Italics in the left column indicate estimates. They come directly from Amtrak and usually assume improbably ideal conditions - but better safe than sorry. For historical data, click on the station code.

How can I contact you?

For questions about the map itself, feel free to send me an email. For questions about a specific train's whereabouts, contact Amtrak or VIA directly. For travel advice, feel free to use the Amtrak Unlimited discussion forum.

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