About this site/Frequently Asked Questions

This site shows the data from Amtrak's Track-A-Train service, as well as VIA's status service. This is an unofficial website and not affiliated with any railroad or other organization.

Help, my train is not on the map! (or is in the wrong place)

First, make sure that your train shows up on the above services with a status. If it's not on that map, or in the wrong place, it'll be the same on this map. If the train has no status information, it is hidden to save space.

In some situations, Amtrak will supply malformed data which displays on their map, but will be stripped out on this site. There are two known situations where this occurs — when a train is delayed at its origin such that it departs the next day, and when there are two trains by the same number who left their (different) origins on the same calendar day.

If in doubt, please contact the railroad.

What do the colors mean?

The colors indicate the OTP of the train at the last recorded station, or the estimated OTP of the train at the next station if it is 10 or more minutes worse than the last recorded time. In the latter case, the estimate with be listed in the popup as well. The grace period is determined by train run length for Amtrak trains: For VIA Corridor trains, officially some trains get 10 minutes and others 15, but for simplicity all trains on this map will use a grace period of 10 minutes. Off the corridor, the VIA grace period is 60 minutes.

How current is the information on the live map?

This site is only as current as the railroad's data. This page will check for new data approximately every 4 minutes. In addition, for security reasons, the railroad's data feed may contain deliberately introduced noise/error.

What are the estimated OTP figures?

Italics in the left column indicate estimates. They come directly from Amtrak and usually assume improbably ideal conditions, as Amtrak does not want passengers missing their trains, which often make up time en route. For historical data of a particular train's performance at a station, click on the station code in the left sidebar of the homepage.

Why is my train speeding?

Amtrak's data feed may contain deliberately introduced error. Variations in the speed data of less than 5 miles per hour are likely immaterial.

Why is the location history for a particular train malformed?

There are several Amtrak data issues (including the two mentioned in the first question) which may lead to this. I try to clean up gross malformations by hand after all trains involved have finished their trips, but I do miss things. Historical data from before mid-2017 was not cleaned up and will not be.

Why do the station miles not match Amtrak's timetables?

You may notice that on some routes, for example the Empire Builder, the station miles shown on the train detail page do not match Amtrak's timetables. Rather than storing mileage information for each train, the distance between each pair of stations is stored. For an unknown reason, Amtrak's website has some inconsistencies between routes — in the Hiawatha timetable it is claimed that Glenview is 18 miles from Chicago, while in that of the Empire Builder, they are 17 miles apart.

Is an app version available?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Can I use the data in my own app?

Due to database and server limitations, I request that you not use the train or station status feeds in an external application. Before using the main ASM feed, please contact me to discuss technical aspects, data limitations, and resource consumption. This site runs on relatively simple infrastructure, and maintaining reliability is extremely important.

How can I contact you?

For questions about a specific train's whereabouts, contact Amtrak or VIA directly. For travel advice, feel free to use the Amtrak Unlimited discussion forum. For questions about the map itself, or to report bugs, feel free to send me an email. Before reporting a bug, please try clearing your cache.


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This site is not affiliated with Amtrak or VIA. All data is sourced directly from the railroads' publicly-available online tools and is known to have limitations. No guarantee is made as to accuracy. Please contact the railroad to ensure that you do not miss your train. Links are for information only and do not imply endorsements. Neither this site nor its owners accept any responsibility for damage, delay, or cost. Use at your own risk.